About Erin DeLullo

“Time and again Erin has unearthed gems and helped them fundraise their way into office. When Erin tenaciously insists I meet a candidate, I know immediately they are pro-life and they’ve convinced her they actually will cut the size of government.”Erick Erickson, editor-in-chief of RedState.com

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Erin DeLullo, Principal

Erin DeLullo has advised prominent U.S. Senate and House campaigns, candidates for statewide office, and some of America’s leading conservative organizations.

In 2003, Erin founded DeLullo & Associates, LLC, a firm which has consistently achieved high levels of success for top Republican political campaigns and conservative organizations.

Prior to launching DeLullo & Associates, Erin served as Director of Development for the Patrick Henry Center, a conservative non-profit — and as Deputy Finance Director for U.S. Senator Bob Smith’s (R-NH) re-election campaign in 2002 (where she focused on PAC and national conservative fundraising).

Aside from her work for Republican campaigns and causes, Erin is also a life-long movement conservative. For example, in the early 1990s Erin, then a student, brought suit against the Jefferson County, W.Va. Board of Education, for denying her schools Bible club request to attend the National Day of Prayer. After a two-year court battle, a U.S. District Judge enjoined the board against interfering with the Bible club’s activities.

Erin is a graduate of Shepherd College (now University) in Shepherdstown, W.Va., where she was an active member of the Shepherd College Multicultural Leadership Team.

A frequent speaker on fundraising and campaign politics, Erin has lectured for groups such as The Leadership Institute, the National Republican Congressional Committee’s Campaign Management College, American University, and Regent University.

In 2006, Campaigns & Elections Magazine named Erin a “Rising Star of Politics.”